Saturday, 12 May 2012

“Temple of the Whore”

“Temple of the Whore”. How did we get so far from truth? There was a time that men’s sexually needs were treated not only as healthy and normal, but sacred.
The women that saw to these need’s where the most respected women in the community; the virgin’s of the temple. People stepped out of their way and bowed their heads as they past. No one would dare to either contradict or speak against them. It is an historical fact (although at the moment I am unable to document my source) that at this time there was very little war. Why bother, if you can just pop down to the temple and get your rocks of with a highly trained goddess of love? Where did we go so wrong?
I have never seen sex as bad or dirty and detest the term “naughty” when applied to sex. Naughty is a child who has eaten all the frosting off the birthday cake before the guests arrive. Not a woman who is sharing the gift of love.
I must admit I was fearful when I took up this profession, given our society’s views on sexuality. My compliments to the gentleman I have met so far. You have truly made me feel like a goddess in the temple of love.